Friends, family;
passion, compassion, love and wisdom;
common dreams, projects and goals;

all in one place

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Who am I? Where am I going from and where am I walking? Entrance gate for further trips around Maitreja. We open ourselves through trust. Here we have this possibility. The possibility of transparency and sincerity to oneself. From here we begin to attract what is really important to us in life and what brings us joy.


We all have something to share. Whether it is experience, knowledge or just a momentary desire to share something. The blog serves to inspire us and others. It opens up space for creating articles through which we can express ourselves freely. It is a tool of self-realization. It allows us to be well visible, to meet people with similar opinions and interests and thus give space to a new community.


Being in a circle of people with similar interests, creating and sharing our nature together, makes us happy. The group is a tool for quick orientation, navigation to certain areas that interest me or are close to me. Where there is a community of people, there is movement and new ideas begin to emerge. But why stick only to the idea?


An ideal place to realize an idea. People from different fields and industries connect here. We each have something different. It can be knowledge, experience, finances, skill, a suitable position, the art of being in the right place at the right time, or perhaps "just" the humor that holds and supports the group. It is all like one big puzzle. What if I am the most important article so that everything can click?


That nothing really is happening in our area? It is time to change that. Just start a new event and invite friends to it or address the whole group. How about organizing a joint Saturday breakfast in our city with live music? Events help to organize events of all kinds from small meetings with friends, educational workshops, interesting lectures to large festivals.


The wisdom of life is hidden in each of us and it is our nature to share this wisdom. Mutual learning, listening, introspection. Maybe my story can help others deal with the situation, inspire, encourage, open their eyes, bring light to the apparent end of the tunnel.


About us

A few years earlier . . .

It is getting light, I have been sitting in silence against the wall in meditation seclusion for several days. Thoughts cease, I immerse myself in silence for space and time. Where everything comes from. And this is where the solution comes to re-establishing a free and healthy society, a community social network, the maitreja.




It's time to start doing things in different way.




I can feel spring is coming. As in nature, we wake up from sleep and the fresh energy and desire to act permeates the whole body. Understanding flourishes - myself, us, nature and the whole. We already know that something new is coming, we are part of it, all without distinction.

I wish, to everyone, that Maitreja will be another step into our common spring.

etic codex

Code of Ethics

A woman stands on the river bank, holding a child in her hands; is afraid to cross a flooded river; on this shore she is in danger after twilight.

You see how hesitant she is to do what she has to do.
You are a monk and you must not look at a woman, let alone touch her.
If you do not take her across the river with her child, they will be in danger.
Everyone else has crossed the river, you are the last.
However, if you help them, you will break your oath, you will be expelled, and you will probably die alone and humiliated.
How do you decide? Hurry, it is getting dark.

You have already made up your decision; you know what is right; you always knew that.